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Loose Riders is 2 things: a network of gravity-focused MTB fanatics representing local chapters & a clothing brand.
Both are entirely separate entities run by the same people.

The Chapters

A network of crews or chapters representing spots, areas, cities, or countries. The idea was to create an independent platform where people can connect, meet up to ride, and get general info about local spots, shuttles, conditions, or anything related to gravity MTB.

Today, our network covers 5 continents, with over 70 chapters in 36 countries.
The Brand

We believe that when you feel good in what you wear, that confidence will reflect in your riding. Our collections are functional and art-driven, inspired by counter-culture, punk rock, 80s BMX & skateboard culture, streetwear and contemporary art. We have expanded from technical and lifestyle apparel to a wide range of accessories, protection, and MTB components.
How did it begin…
It all started in the north of Thailand, in the mountainous region of Chiang Mai.

A crew of four local expat MTB fanatics—Tim, Johnny, Adrian, and Steve—were riding a virtually unknown but world-class trail network. We started a Facebook page, hoping to find more people to ride with and share the stoke. In 2012, “Loose Riders Chiang Mai” was born. To our surprise, the Facebook page caught on; riders from neighboring countries came to visit and were blown away by the riding Chiang Mai has to offer.
One of the founders, Tim Soeten, a Belgian expat and old-school BMX'er with a background in fashion and garment manufacturing, made some t-shirts to support our little chapter. The whole thing blew up, and it became clear that there was a need for what we had started on a larger scale.
The idea of ‘chapters’ was born, and ‘Loose Riders Singapore’ became the 2nd Chapter. As things continued to grow, we organized a DH race in 2013. We invited Steve Peat, Ratboy, Nico Vink, Sam Dale, Eddy Masters, and more. We documented the whole thing on video, and the rest is history!
The Brand: In addition to the tees made for the Chapters, we made some jerseys to support the race we self-funded. Half as a joke and to get some gear we wanted to wear that was different from what was out there, we dropped our first ‘collection’ in the fall of 2013.
Style over tricks, personalities over podiums
From freeride legends to up-and-coming groms and unsung local heroes, we support riders based on their style and personality rather than tricks or race results.

We look for riders who live for their craft and push up the hill one more time to get the shot, nice people who check their ego at the door, and, in short, people we’d want to go session and hang with!

What started as a passion project has grown into a Globally recognized name.
With OG founder Tim still at the helm and an awesome crew that lives and breathes MTB.

GLOBAL LOGISTICS - Multi Warehouse
With 2 dedicated warehouses, we cover global logistics.
In November 2023, we moved into a new warehouse in Krefeld—Germany. With fulfilment Partners Monta Logistics and DHL, we now offer blisteringly fast deliveries.
We ship worldwide out of our warehouse in Bangkok – Thailand, with logistics partner UPS.
Since day one, we’ve designed everything in-house. From art direction to graphic design, photography and video editing. In 2004, we expanded into manufacturing; at present, 90% of our garments are made in-house.
From concept creation to retail, we cover it all. We design, manufacture, warehouse, export, wholesale, and retail worldwide.
CSR - Corporate Social Responsibility
From supplying our jerseys in re-usable packaging , using biodegradable and non-toxic inks, to making our garments in recycled fabrics, we focus hard on improving our environmental impact.
On a social level, we give back by running the worlds largest gravity bicycle community on a non-profit basis.