Our mission is to connect riders all over the world, on a local level.

Say you want to go ride in England, Hong Kong, Thailand, 
New Zealand, Taiwan, Belgium, Bali, Australia, Germany, Singapore, ... or anywhere we have a chapter:

Just hit up the local Loose Riders for the best up-to-date knowledge from finding trails, shuttles, or somewhere to stay and party.

When you travel with your bike, it can be tricky to find information about spots, trails, conditions, accomodations, or just finding someone to ride with. The Loose Riders Chapters are there to fill that gap - local crews that are keen to give you info, help out, go ride, or just hang out with.

Even without traveling, everyone can contact the chapters to ask questions about riding, tips and general chat, we have an awesome online community, just go check out our Chapters Facebook pages to see what people around the world are up to.

Our goal is to have a Loose Riders Chapter in every corner of the world that has riders with the same mindset - a Global Alliance - a community to connect with.


Loose Riders was started in 2012 as a club and Facebook page all about riding the mountains of Chiang Mai, Thailand. To inform people about the local trails and to share our passion for everything gravity and bike related.

With world class riding right outside, but virtually no information to be found online, we wanted to share our knowledge, meet like-minded people and become a reference point for riders visiting the area.

The idea caught on when a group of riders from Singapore that often visit Chiang Mai asked if they could be a part of this, we set up Loose Riders Singapore. A Global alliance is born.

In October, 2013, we organized a fun race and invited some of the world’s top riders; Nico Vink, Steve Peat, Josh Bryceland, Wyn Masters, Eddie Masters and Sam Dale all came over and had a wild time.

We documented the event and more in an edit and this put us on the map on a global scale, and the rest is history.